The link between frustration and candida?

Hi everyone!

Just an update.  On Friday my candida symptoms suddenly reappeared.   I noticed too that my mind started to get over active.  Since Friday I havent slept well with lots of tossing and turning while my mind worries constantly.  Bizarrely worries that I havent even thought about in ages suddenly seemed over whelming.  I am sure that the candida somehow makes me more anxious.  I know the mind affects the body but I also think it works the other way around too.  

Anyway what prompted this sudden step back?  Sheer frustration and feel trapped.   I am very interested in Louise Hay’s view (in her book You Can Heal Your Life) that our own particular thought patterns lead to specific ailments and illnesses.   She suggested that it accounts for about 80% of illnesses and it certainly makes sense with me.   In the past during times of stress say exams I would get coldsores or headaches.  Now I just get candida.  But my stress now is rooted in frustration with my work situation primarily.   That frustration reared its head on Friday and the old feelings of doom resurfaced.  (Basically a few events made me wonder if my bullying boss will ever leave or will I ever manage to get another job / set up a successful company).  In the past I have used EFT to treat the candida and I am going to try it again.  If anyone is interested here is a case study of someone with thrush (yeast infection) who used EFT to treat it.  She also mentions the underlying emotions which she feels led to the candida.

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4 thoughts on “The link between frustration and candida?

  1. Karen Brimeyer

    If you can’t get rid of Candida then you are missing the big picture. Candida is naturally occurring in your gut. It can only overgrow if the opportunity or environment allows it. So you must re-create an environment that will not allow it to thrive. You can do this by healing your gut.

  2. Casual Friday Every Day

    When my brother was going through his trial a couple of years ago, and they were tossing the idea around of putting me on the stand, I could literally feel the Candida surging through my body. And as soon as they told me they didn’t need me, I felt those feeling ease away.

    It’s totally wild to me that it can be related to diet AND stress!

  3. Katie Post author

    Hi Janelle
    Thanks for your comments. I totally agree with you about candida. By the way I love your blog!
    Katie x

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